Lead Pixel

Definition Lead Pixel: a code snippet you get from LeadBoxer and place in one or more pages in your website. Any visitor to that page activates the pixel and is then captured as a potential lead. The Lead Pixel functions to a) identify the company behind the visit and b) record all future visits by that lead.
How it works: Drop the Lead Pixel (JavaScript code snippet) in your site. Once in place, the pixel generates a list of leads - names of companies interested in your products and services, based on your website traffic.
How to get a Lead Pixel:  Create a LeadBoxer trial account.
Where to put it: Track incoming leads across your whole website. You can also put the pixel into individual landing pages. Examples would be a contact form or newsletter sign-up form. You can  integrate the pixel directly, use  our WordPress plugin, or get an API license. 
What you can accomplish with a Lead Pixel:
1. Generate a list of qualified leads - companies interested in your product/service - based on their interest in your site.
2. Prioritise leads based on leadscore - automatically sort through all incoming leads using big data algorithms to score based on quality
3. Track all activity on your site by (potential) leads - during sales cycles and beyond

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