Getting Setup

On this page you can find an outline of technical steps needed to get setup with LeadBoxer.

In 3 steps to powerful Website Lead Generation

1. The first step is to register at - you will then receive a Lead Pixel (code snippet) from us.

2. The Lead Pixel needs to be placed in the source code of all the webpage(s) that you wish to track. The best place is the footer - this will place the tracking code in the whole site, and takes less than 5 minutes.

The Lead Pixel will collect default/ baseline material.

That means that we will;

  • Track all visitors - identify their incoming clicks and a range of profile information
  • for a percentage of these visitors we will be able to see their Company. When we see the company, we start to provide contact information and company details (www, employees, industry)

3. The next step is enrichment. Enrichment means that we capture more information which is used to qualify the leads.

Examples of enrichment;

  • a visitor logs in
  • a visitor submits a contact form or request for contact
  • a visitor clicks on a link in an email and clicks through to your site.

All of these above ‘ visitor touch points’ are events that we can record and turns your website into Website Lead Generation tool.

In order to record these visitors, their data needs to be sent to our secure servers.

There is individual technical documentation for each of these examples.

The general technical documentation is can be found here. Specifically: to capture Social Media logins (this example is LinkedIn) to capture email click-thoughs (this example is MailChimp) to capture information submitted via a form. Check you more about Lead Enrichment or start your free trial:

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