Using Google Tag Manager to insert Lead Pixel

How to place the Lead Pixel in your website using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Here are the basic steps needed to publish the Lead Pixel in your website and start converting anonymous traffic into leads.
  1. Login to your Google Tag Manager and access your container
  2. To add the Lead Pixel, click on ‘add new tag’ 
  3. Name your tag as LeadBoxer pixel or LeadPixel and select ‘custom HTML in the Tag Configuration section
  4. Cut & paste your Lead Pixel (grab this from your LeadBoxer email or welcome screen)
  5. Next you need to select or create your Trigger. We recommend to set it on all pageviews.
  6. Save the trigger and the tag
  7. Don't forget to Submit your changes - you’re done, you now have the basic Lead Pixel (javascript) working.

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