WordPress LeadBoxer plug-in

We have created a Wordpress Online Lead Generation plugin for easy installation of LeadBoxer on a Wordpress site.

Simply add the plugin to your Wordpress installation and we will start tracking all site activity and generating your Leads for you. Once installed, login and see your leads appear in the interface as the come to your website.

See the Plugin on wordpress.org

Video Tutorial


To install the plugin, either:

  • Add the plug-in via your WordPress admin plugin section
  • Upload the .zip file using the plugin installer
  • SFTP the files over to your wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • And activate it after successful installation.


To make the plugin work correctly, you need to enter your dataset ID that you received when you singed up for a (trial) account. Only enter your actual dataset number. Do not enter the words "dataset=" when you cut & paste.

You can set this setting under Settings -> LeadBoxer

Wordpress Online Lead Generation plugin screenshot

You will need to enter your dataset ID as you registered it with LeadBoxer.
NOTE: just enter your dataset number do not enter "dataset="
So, for example, this is incorrect: "dataset=cd5717170a36ce6b02baf64c6deaf8c6"
Correct: "cd5717170a36ce6b02baf64c6deaf8c6"

Wordpress Online Lead Generation plugin screenshot-2

If you have not done so yet, you can register your site for a  free Online Lead Generation trial here.

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