How to Install the LeadBoxer Tracking Pixel


By installing the LeadBoxer Tracking Pixel on your website(s), we will automatically start to collect data and provide more information about your website visitors.
The LeadBoxer Tracking Pixel is a small snippet of javascript that will track all users (visitors), sessions (visits) and events (pageviews) for all the pages you install it on.
Once the Pixel is in place, we immediately start tracking and identifying your leads and customers.  


If you havent done so already, the first step is to Start a trial at - you will then receive the Pixel (code snippet) from us.

You can use any of the following plugins / tutorials to get started:

Other / Manual installation

If you do not use any of above solutions, simply paste your Lead Pixel into the source code of your website just before the end </body> tag. The best place is the footer or template - this will place the tracking code in the whole site, and usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Where to find your tracking Pixel or dataset ID

The tracking pixel and/or dataset ID can be found here:

  • In the original account welcome email or reminders
  • On your LeadBoard /startpage if no data has been recorded
  • In the Datasets overview and dropdown:

Adding extra sites (datasets)

You can add extra datasets to your LeadBoxer account.

This can be accomplished in the datasets overview:

After adding your dataset(s) you can also give permission to team members to access the data.

Note: You need to have admin rights to be able to see/do this.

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