Advanced Outlook Add-in

LeadBoxer has 3 different Outlook plugins:

  1. The Official add-in
  2. The Advanced add-in
  3. The Legacy plug-in 

This page is documentation for the Advanced Outlook add-in

The Advanced add-in is identical to the Official add-in, AND replaces the need to activate the tracking for each email with an auto-enable option. 

To Install the Advanced version, first make sure you do not have the Official version installed. 

For individual install

  1. Go to the add-ins section in your outlook
  2. Click on the My add-ins tab and scroll down to Custom Add-ins
  3. Click on Add custom Add-in and select Add from URL
  4. paste URL: and click ok

This should install the advanced add-in. You can use the instructions from the official add-in to continue.

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