Outlook 365 / Outlook for Mac/ Outlook in browser

Specifically for Office 365 and all Outlook versions for this platform, we have developed a so called Ad-inn.
Note: If you are using an older version of Outlook, you can use our Email tracking with Outlook for PC plugin
This Add-in will add the option to track personalised emails sent to individuals through Outlook and connect this behaviour to your LeadBoxer account. 

Step 1, Installation

Go to our Outlook 365 Email Tracking add-in page and click the GET IT NOW button
Accept the generic permissions and agree with our terms:

This should redirect you to the ads-ins overview and show an install confirmation.
Install the app by clicking Install.

Step 2, Configure the add-in

Once installed, go to your inbox, select any email and click the 3 dots, go to the LeadBoxer menu Item and connect your dataset ID

This will open the settings pane and set your dataset ID 

Step 3, tracking your emails

Compose an email as you would normally do and make sure you add a recipient and the email title
Go tot the 3 dots in the bottom bar of the compose window and activate the tracking pixel 
Once activated, send the email.

Once the email is send, you can see the tracking details either from within outlook, or log into the LeadBoxer app and see the all activity.

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