MailChimp email tracking (advanced)

Use MailChimp to identify website visitors. 

This tutorial tells you how to identify leads originating from your MailChimp email newsletters

Leadboxer will show you the email of the person who clicked through the newsletter, simply by adding a special link in the emails sent and adding code to the landing page.

Before implementing this, we recommend to enable the Direct MailChimp Integration.

Get started

Capturing data from your newsletter readers involves a small change to your normal workflow.

Create your mail campaign like you always do, and make sure you add links to a landing page. The landing pages will automatically capture the information being sent from the MailChimp newsletter once they click a link.

Mailchimp email tracking Merge-tags

When your email is ready, go to the 'design' section in MailChimp, where you can edit your content, click the content section where your link(s) are located and add custom parameters to your link. These parameters, known as ' merge tags', will be added to your links:

this appends the email address to the url

of the landing page. You can do this for all fields available in MailChimp eg:


Save your newsletter, and test the links by clicking on them in the final draft, you should see the email address and other fields appended to the url on your landing page. The following image shows what you should see appended to the url of your landing page:


Passing referrer details - campaign name and source

The easiest way to accomplish this is to enable google anaytics tracking in mailchimp
Instructions are located here:

From there on LeadBoxer will take over and add the data to the lead. Obviously the LeadBoxer pixel needs to be installed on the pages they land on. 

It's always a good idea to test this thoroughly before sending this to you main lists. If things are working, you'll see the emails of leads interested in your newsletter's landing page.

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