Create a Segment (How-to)

What is a segment?

In Leadboxer, you can save any combination of filters into a so-called ‘segment’. Segments allow you to save one or multiple filters and access it at any time. You can save segments, edit or duplicate them, or even send emails containing your segments or share them with colleagues.

Your leadboard contains a default segment: ‘Top leads’. This segment filters out all leads without a known company name - easily allowing you to filter out the unidentified companies.

Using the Property Filters you can create Segments

Segments have several functions: 

  • As a saved combination of filters which you can select from the Segment drop-down menu.
  • Share your combination of filters with team-members/ colleagues.
  • As a start point for notifications - see this article on setting up (email) alerts.

How to create your segment

  1. Set one or more Property Filters - you can use the property filters to filter in or out leads with specific properties
  2. Click Apply to verify if the filters you have set produce a meaningful result.
  3. If you think the results are interesting or meaningful for you or your team, click Save.
  4. First You need to give your segment a name, and choose to make it private or public within your account.
  5. Additionally, you can choose to have the segment emailed to you and your team in either HTML format (designed) or as an CSV (spreadsheet)

Please see the screen shot below which gives you a visual representation of the steps

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