Setup notifications (How-to)

Daily/Weekly Notifications (How to)

Once you have created a Segment you can send it to yourself and/or your colleagues. This is a very powerful tool - you will be informed (in real-time) when a specific activity occurs or you can receive an e-mail with the top-ranked leads every day/week; also in the format of your choosing, Excel (.csv) or html (email).

The alerts can be very specific -  a particular company for account-based-marketing; client viewing the pricing page, or very broad - a region, all identified companies, or multiple alerts for different industries. 

This feature is very intuitive and dynamic. The only limit on how to use it is your imagination.

How to Set-up the Notifications (Screenshot below)

1. Name your Segment (NOTE: in illustration we refer to 'Smartlist" - this is now called Segment 
2. Check 'Create email alert' box
3. Select frequency, Daily or Weekly
4. Select format - .CSV or HTML (in body of email)
5. Select recipients (from added users) - if you don't see person - add them under the Users section first

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