Setup notifications (How-to)

`Daily/Weekly Notifications

Once you have created a Segment you can send it to yourself and/or your colleagues. This is a very powerful tool - you will be informed (in real-time) when a specific activity occurs or you can receive an e-mail with the top-ranked leads every day/week; also in the format of your choosing, Excel (.csv) or html (email) or PDF

The alerts can be very specific -  a particular company for account-based-marketing; client viewing the pricing page, or very broad - a region, all identified companies, or multiple alerts for different industries. 

This feature is very intuitive and dynamic. The only limit on how to use it is your imagination.

How to Set-up the Notifications


  1. Apply filters or select the Segment you are interested in. 
  2. Click the Save (as) button located at the bottom-left of your screen
  3. In the new window
    1. Name your Segment (NOTE: in illustration we refer to 'Smartlist" - this is now called Segment 
    2. Check 'Create email alert' box
    3. Select frequency, Daily or Weekly
    4. Select format - .CSV or HTML (in body of email)
    5. Select recipients (from your users) - if you don't see person - add them under the Users section first
    6. Click save

How to disable Notifications

If you like to stop receiving notifications, you need to 

  1. Find the specific name of the Segment (this should be in the title of the email)
  2. Select the segment in the application
  3. Click the Save (as) button in the bottom-left corner
  4. Untick the 'mail this list' checkbox
  5. Save 

You need to be the owner of a Segment if you want to make changes.

So if you receive a message indicating you are not authorised to make a modification to the Segment, you either need to contact your admin or change the ownership in the Segment Overview.

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