How to change the leadscore

Customise leadscore 

Q: what does this mean in english?

A: you can influence how leads are scored.

Adjusting your leadscore settings will change the way leads are prioritised and ranked, in terms of how your lead list is ordered. The leads that get the highest score will appear at the top of the list.

How it works:

It is now possible to set weights on lead properties. In other words, you tell us what's important, and we weight it. These are the properties you can customise:

  • email
  • phone
  • website
  • LinkedIn match
  • Chamber of Commerce (NL)
  • company
  • name
  • industry focus

Four simple steps to customise leadscores

Login to LeadBoxer, select 'Leadscore' from the drop-down, and:

  1. Select dataset from dropdown
  2. For each property set a weight on slider
  3. Add focus industries (optional)
  4. Click Save.

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