What is Enrichment?

Here is an example of a question we frequently receive:

Q: I have an account with leadboxer, but I can't see the individual people's details like name of the person and email ID who are visiting on our website, is there any way to get that information?

A: Individual names and email addresses not available by default, because of how the internet is built. Collecting this information a part of the qualification process. 

A potential lead starts at 0 - before they visit your site, and their leadscore builds up the more you know about them. It is an iterative process. 

The process of gathering this information is called Enrichment. 
The basis, or default, information, is their visit, location, and what they have done (clicked) on your site. 
In numerous cases, we can also identify the Company - in which case we can provide company contact details. 
From here - we move to the next step which is any additional information that we can collect. 
Additional information is collected through Visitor Touchpoints. 

Examples of Visitor Touchpoints are: 

- a login
- a sign-up
- a login/ sign-up using Social Media (for example LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+)
- a CONTACT form
- a Download
- a click on a link from an newsletter

Documentation for each of these individual events, located here:


We are happy to discuss/ plan with you technically how to accomplish any of this measurement. Please get in touch with us if you would benefit from this type of discussion.

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