What does "unknown company" mean

Most likely, you will see numerous entries with 'unknown company'.
What these are, in fact, are entries where we have only been able to determine an ISP/ Provider/ Host. We exclude these, because they are not useful. 
In short, no company is associated with the internet connection the visitor made.

Take-home message (see bottom): enrich by adding visitor-touchpoints 

'unknown company' means that we have recorded a visit - starting with a timestamp; visit details, clicks, referrer where available, exit links, geographical location, and technical device details; browser, etc. All this information was collected - except for a company name. Without a company name - we cannot present contact details.

If you  click on the plus "+" sign you will see the data/ information that we collected for each entry.

When we are not able to identify/ determine the company, we indicate 'unknown company' - which means only that there is no information here. To explain, that tells us that either a) the person visited through a commercial ISP network or b) their company has not registered ownership/ administratively indicated of their IP-location. 
We exclude close to 50,000 ISPs we have identified over the years, otherwise, you would see values like Comcast, Verizon, Orange, Vodafone, AT&T, etc, there.

The percentage of 'unknowns' varies depending on several factors - B2B sites will have a higher number of identifications. M-F traffic will have more identifications. Sites with established, regular traffic will have more companies identified. 

Therefore, the take-home message is to include any and all available information and use this to enrich your data - use all visitor-submitted information; contact forms, PDF downloads, (social media) logins, emails, etc.

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