Export / download data

Manually downloading data

To download or export your data, please follow these steps:

Get the traffic you want on the screen using the filters or choose an existing Segment. Or use the default.

When the data on the screen is the data you want to download, initiate the download by clicking on the 'Download All' link in the top right corner. If you do not see this link, close the lead card (individual lead details).

Note: The download will contain all leads or accounts from the selected period, not just what you see on the screen. There is however a hard limit of 2500 rows per download.

This will open the CSV download manager where you can configure the columns in your download.

Choose from several pre-defined column sets. You can also create, save and share your own column sets.
Here is an overview of the options;
  1. Choose from one of several pre-defined column sets
  2. which will show you a description for the selected Column set
  3. In this list you will see all available columns. Custom columns will be automatically become visible here (if they appear in the data).
  4. Use these (4. in diagram below) arrows to move the available columns to the list on the right (5)
  5. This (5. in diagram below) contains the columns that will be in your download
  6. Use these arrows to move columns up /down to determine the order of the columns in your download
  7. Choose the field delimiter, depending on your Regional Setting: 
    1. comma (,) is best when you use a dot(.) as decimal separator
    2. semicolon (;) is best when you use a comma (,) as decimal separator
  8. If you have customised your column set in any way, you can save this set and it will appear in the column set selector (from step 1)
  9. By setting the visibility, you can share the column set with your colleagues or other other users within LeadBoxer.

Selecting column sets in your notifications

The default and custom column sets can also be selected in when you are setting up a notification that includes a CSV file

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