How to add a dataset (website) to your account

Add extra datasets 

Add extra datasets to your LeadBoxer account at no extra charge.
In other words, add as many datasets ays need to your account for the same low price. 

What is a dataset? 

A dataset is anything that you want to measure. In the past we referred to datasets as sites, but the definition has changed to include a broader definition. 
Now, a dataset can be a  single page, subset of pages, campaign landing page, sub-domain, app. etc. Think Internet of Things. 

How to add datasets to your account

1. Login and go to your profile dropdown, you should see a menu-item called Datasets, this is where you can add one or more datasets.  

2. Once you added a new dataset, you will receive a new tracking code/ snippet for the new dataset. Once the code is in place, you will begin collecting data immediately. You can switch datasets using the dropdown in the top navigation.

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