LinkedIn Matched Audiences export

LeadBoxer enables you to easily export your identified companies and/or contacts to a CSV file that can be uploaded into the LinkedIn Matched Audiences feature.

This is especially useful if you want to (re)target the companies visiting your site or the most active contacts from your existing marketing audience, and have LinkedIn find lookalikes

To get going, please follow these steps:

1. Choose to export either contacts of companies.

For contacts export, you start with the Leads view, For companies export you start with the Accounts view

2. Apply filters 

make sure these are the actual companies or contacts you want to target on LinkedIn (or find lookalikes for)

3. Select a date-rage 

to make sure you have at least 500 contacts or organisations in your final export

4. Perform export

Click the Download All option in the top right corner, and choose LinkedIn export option in the format menu.

5. Upload Audience to LinkedIn

In your LinkedIn Campaign Manager, select Matched audiences from the Accounts Assets dropdown menu

Select Create audience and choose Upload a List > company / contact

Provide a descriptive name, select the just downloaded CSV file and press Agree & Upload

6. Wait and create

You now need to wait for up to 48 hours for LinkedIn to actually match the companies and contact to their database.

Once done you can select the audience to (re)target your campaigns, 

Advanced email match strategies

There are some use cases for this feature for LinkedIn advertisers. 

  1. Add all of your current customers’ email addresses into a Matched Audiences segment. Add this list as an exclusion for all of your demand generation campaigns. No need to spend budget on those who’ve already become customers.
  2. Add all of your current customers’ email addresses into a Matched Audiences segment to use as a product updates messaging channel. Due to the fact that you’re showing interesting messages to the most relevant audience, you can expect to see astronomically high CTRs (3%+) so you can bid CPM on these and get the clicks for massive discounts (I’ve seen <$1).
  3. Add all of your leads that never closed into an audience and advertise to them, and be sure to exclude current customers from #1 above. Advertise to keep your brand top of mind for those who at one point considered doing business with you. As soon as they become a customer and are added to the customer list, they’ll automatically be excluded from this dynamic audience.


There are some limitations to be aware of:

Match rate feedback

When you upload a list of email addresses for targeting, LinkedIn matches them against the email addresses it has in its database. Unfortunately, there is no feedback upon uploading on which email addresses did not properly match — only a percentage displaying how many did match.

Minimum audience size

As with the rest of LinkedIn’s new targeting options, the minimum audience size is 300 people. This is unfortunate for those with smaller lists because it may preclude being able to run until the list has grown larger. You may need to upload a list with 500+ email addresses to ensure you have over 300 matches.

No list management

Mistakes in list uploads live in the account forever because there’s no list deletion or management of any kind.


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