Pipedrive Integration

Synchronise web & email activity with Pipedrive Deals, persons and Companies

Identify and collect information about your leads & customers during their entire online buyer journey and turn this data into actionable insights. 

In other words, LeadBoxer collects your website and email or newsletter data to automatically identify, enrich, segment, and score leads & customers based on their behavior and profile data.

LeadBoxer Integration workflow:

  1. Identify persons on your website using newsletters, email, forms, signups, logins, etc.
  2. Define the segment you want to synchronise with Pipedrive
  3. We push all activity of this segment to Pipedrive and update Deals, Persons and Companies.

Setup and installation

If you already have a LeadBoxer (trial) account, you can skip to step 5

  1. Go to https://www.leadboxer.com/ and start a free trial
  2. Install the tracking pixel on your site
  3. Implement either form tacking, newsletter tracking or use the gmail or Outlook plugins.
  4. In the LeadBoxer app, create a segment containing the leads you want to push to Pipedrive
  5. In Pipedrive (you need to be Admin): Activate the LeadBoxer App in the Pipedrive marketplace, this will redirect you to the LeadBoxer integrations page.
  6. On the integrations page: Select a) the dataset you want to sync, b) the smart-list to use and c) the default pipeline you want us to create deals in, and Save.

We advise to test with a small number of leads inside your segment and use a test pipeline before you save.

Once saved, we will automatically start pushing every web & email activity to Pipedrive at midnight CET

Pipedrive Logic for Creating and Updating Deals, Persons and Companies

Our goal when building the Pipedrive integration was to pass only qualified leads, and avoid polluting/ pushing noise into the pipelines/ CRM. Filling a pipeline with too many (unqualified) leads is counter-productive.

For that reason we engineered the following push logic
1. We only send data to Pipedrive for leads/ customers that have been identified by email
2. We only send data to Pipedrive from the leads that appear in the Segment you have defined in your setup
3. We send updates to Pipedrive hourly (on the hour)
We create an activity in Pipedrive and link this to:
Person: We do a lookup for a person using email as identifier. If the person exists, we link the activity to this person. If the person does not exist, a new person is created.
Company: We check if the person has a linked Company. If there is a organisation linked, we link the activity to this Company. If the Company does not exist, we will create a new Company and link it.
Deal: We check if the person has a linked Deal. If there is a Deal linked, we link the activity to this Deal. If the Deal does not exist, we will create a new Deal and link it.

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