email tracking

To track mail open/reads, you need to add the tracking pixel to your campaigns or templates. 

Here are the steps needed for adding the tracking pixel:

  1. go to your drip campaign or template
  2. edit your campaign or template and switch to HTML (</>)
  3. paste in your email tracking pixel at the bottom
<img src=" DATASET ID&{{prospect_email}}" width="1" height="1" class="fr-fic fr-dib">


  • Change datasetId to reflect yours
  • Optionally, change the campaign value to reflect the email title or campaign name 
  • you can add other template variables as parameters if you have them

Track clicks and identify prospects on your site

To track email clicks, you need to modify your links to include these parameters 

example URL{{prospect_firstname}}&lastName={{prospect_lastname}}&email={{prospect_email}}&companyName={{prospect_company_name}}

For more details see these pages:

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