How to track user logins

How to track user logins when account holders sign-in

In order to track user logins form your website, you need to add the data to the user profile:

Paste the below snippet inside the page/file to add a custom tag. For example: use this to send us a signal when a user logs in to your system. We will add that information to visitor profiles. Send us login events; email addresses, usernames, LoginID, etc. You can also send us social media login events.

Make sure that: a. the default LeadBoxer javascript loads before the execution of below script b. the default LeadBoxer javascript should not contain the 'defer' tag. Alternatively you can wrap the script in a timeout or onPageLoad. 

<script type="text/javascript">

// define an empty variable called 'map' 
var map = new OTMap();

//define one or multiple properties to be added to the visitor profile, you need to replace the actual values with dynamic placeholders.
map.put("firstName", "Brad"); 
map.put("lastName", "Shaw"); 
map.put("email", ""); 
map.put("companyName", "LeadBoxer"); 

//send (submit) the data to LeadBoxer 
OTLogService.sendEvent("Login added", map, false);



  • Do not forget to replace the values of the lead or customer with dynamic data. eg {{ firstName }} (this depends on your language /platform)
  • You can add as many properties as you like.
  • You can change all the words that are inside quotes to suit your needs. For example you can dynamically generate the tag from your CMS
  • To retrieve the data, you can use the LeadBoxer interface or our API

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