LeadBoxer API - Getting started

Our technical API documentation can be found here: developers.leadboxer.com

To get started building your queries, you can actually use the query builder right inside the documentation.

For a very basic API request, simply follow these steps:

  1. Grab the API key and your dataset ID from your (trial) account
  2. head over to developers.leadboxer.com and find the right endpoint you want to test. In most cases this will be c_view_leads inside the lead-board group
  3. Paste the API key and dataset iD
  4. Scroll down and click the Try it Out button
  5. You can now preview the data in the Response Body field and grab the Curl or full URL for processing inside your application or workflow

Hints and Tips

  • by default we mask lead/customer email addresses in the results, you can disable masking by setting &noShortenEmail=true
  • To get the leadscore for a specific user, set the email parameter
  • use &usePresetExclusionList=use_id%2Clast_most_likely_company%2Cexclude_tag to exclude the hidden Leads/customer

Please contact us if you have additional questions

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