Auto exclude or hide unqualified leads

### This article contains legacy features and has been replaced with 'lead tags', see documentation here .  ####

If you want to exclude leads that have visited specific pages on your website, get this done by adding a unique tag to these leads with a small javascript snippet.

Best-practice: exclude leads looking at your hiring/  jobs section, in most cases you can assume these are not leads but job applicants.

Example javascript that you can add to your job pages.

 <!-- Don't forget to add YOUR LeadBoxer Dataset ID -->
 <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
 <script type="text/javascript">
   // define an empty variable called 'map'
   var map = new OTMap();
   // insert the variables to be send to LeadBoxer 
   map.put("exclude_tag", "jobs"); 

   // send the data to LeadBoxer
   OTLogService.sendEvent("excluding", map, false); 

Once you have implemented this snippet (above), the tag 'jobs' will be added for leads that have visited this page. You can verify this step by looking at the 'Lead Properties' in the LeadBoxer interface.

The last step is defining the tag 'jobs' for our system so we can exclude these leads.

Accomplish this on the settings page in the LeadBoxer app.

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