Connect Leadboxer to Nimble with Zapier

This guide continues where Getting started with LeadBoxer on Zapier left off.

To avoid errors setting up your Zap for Nimble, it’s essential to use a filter. The filter can be found between the trigger and the first action as shown in the image below.

10) Select the ‘only continue if’ option, so no empty leads arrive in your Nimble contacts.

As Nimble requires you to give either a first name or a last name, we will have to adjust te filter to match these requirements.

It’s ofcourse possible to adjust the filter to your preferences as long as you match the requirements, but for the example below we wanted at least an e-mail or phone number so we could contact the lead.

It looks like a very complicated list, but all it does is ask wether there is a contact address and either first name or last name.

Now that we have set up our filter you can select Nimble as the tool you want to be triggered by Leadboxer.

Let Nimble create a contact every time a Lead that matches your criteria is found and click ‘save + continue’.

Log in to your Nimble account by pressing ‘Connect a New Account’ and press ‘Save + Continue’ after you connected the account.

In the ‘edit template’ section, select what values you want to be assigned to what variables in your Nimble contact. Make sure you fill in ‘First name’ and ‘Last Name’ correctly, so these are always assigned a value.

It’s possible that your Zap test still gives an error saying that it requires either a first name or a last name. This is because the test doesn’t take your filter into account but the testlead obtained in step 1. Your Zap will work if you follow these instructions. However, if you want your test to be succesful, you can fetch new leads (going back to the LeadBox trigger and click ‘test this step’) until you find lead with either a first or a last name.

Don’t forget to turn on your zap!

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