How to set lead Ownership

Own Those Leads

Lead Ownership: how to assign 'ownership' of leads to your users (employees, colleagues, team-mates, sales team members, etc). 

This feature is aligned with our vision with Best Practice sales tactics, whereby the concept of Ownership of your sales leads is the most effective way to ensure all your leads are being worked through the pipeline. 

Introducing ownership in your LeadBoard

Make sure all your top leads are assigned an owner. Set ownership to the sales person responsible for follow-up, so they can quickly research the lead interest. 

How to set ownership for a lead

1. Login and go to your LeadBoard. Click on the 'cog' icon to open the new 'actions' window.

2. Select the ownership radio button, select the owner from the dropdown list and click submit.

The lead should disappear from your leadboard as the default view shows unassigned and leads you own.

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