MailChimp Integration

See all MailChimp activity in LeadBoxer

The LeadBoxer MailChimp Integration automatically pulls all activity from your MailChimp account into LeadBoxer, This means that all recipients who either a) read your emails or b) click on a link, will be created or updated in LeadBoxer. These leads will also be enriched and scored. Using Segmentation and notifications you can automatically find out who is interested in what and if they are Ready-to-Buy.

NOTE: To enable the Integration you need to provide us with your MailChimp API key. We will only use this to pull / retrieve (read) the behavior of your MailChimp audience.

How to enable

To get started, login to your MailChimp account (as admin) and browse to the API key section (

There you need to create a new API key, give it a label, and copy the actual key value.

Once you have an API key, go to LeadBoxer (as Admin) browse to the integrations pages, and paste the key next to the dataset name that it relates to.

Save the key and you are all set.

LeadBoxer will now start pulling in the data going forward.

Use MailChimp to identify website visitors.

Once you have enabled the integration, you can continue to start identifying your website visitors using MailChimp using this tutorial:

MailChimp email tracking

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